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Personal Profile


Andrew Milroy

Graphic Designer / Photographer

2nd year studying graphic design at University of Dundee

Based in Scotland

Creativity has always been a key part of my life and mindset, for as long as I remember I would drift off into bubbles of incredible ideas and prolific plans, then storing them in my brain to go back to when I need them. Sort of like an archive I can think of something on the fly and then come back to the idea and write it down then turn into a real project. My main technique I use for my work is to star with the groundwork using traditional methods particularly ink drawings and sketches to bring the ideas to life then manipulating it digitally to develop and finalise the creation. I enjoy using all different techniques and am always looking to broaden my scope with the tools and software that I use. My main focus tends to be more towards Publishing works such as magazines, advertising, logos and website designs, basically anything where a strong layout is to be considered I am in my element. So far I have worked hard and experimented to find my ideal area of work and that is Graphic design and I intend to see it all the way through to completing university and getting my degree. Positive mental health and well-being has always been a key part of my life as I was brought up to help everyone in any possible way I can. I love to make people laugh and smile particularly in tough times like now with the pandemic. My current place of work (Hanover Housing Scotland) has taught me a lot about keeping a smile on my face and uplifting the spirits of others is the key to strong relationships and getting work done effectively and efficiently. I also previously volunteered at a Cancer Research UK store and got to work with some phenomenal people and raise funds for a charity that has a special place in my heart. Criticism and peer assessment is my preferred ways of progressing and improving my skills as I feel it can be quite tough but you hear what you need to hear, not what you want. Group/peer work is my preferred way of working as a team can all pitch and bounce ideas off one another whilst still keeping your independent work for assessment.According to my Belbin self-perception inventory my result was "Specialist" and "plant" as my preferred roles within a team. This means that I am best at keeping fresh ideas coming and keep the general flow of projects continuing with constant pitching of concepts, keeping morale high with off topic chats to help with the efficiency and just spreading some positivity throughout. Specialist means that when given a task that is specific to my preferred tools or software I can effectively complete any task and develop it with very little problems. In my spare time I like to do photography, not any particular photography I just love having a camera in my hand and people able to capture anything around me. I do enjoy Architectural and macro photography more than other types but only by a small margin. I have even delved into some old film photography as I enjoy retro and vintage vibes to see how in only one generation that we have advanced so much with our creative technologies, however the creative process and flare has always been the same throughout. If I am not expressing my creativity I tend to be listening to music (I have a strange talent of storing song lyrics in my mind after only hearing it a few times) or reading up on absolutely anything. I am a sucker for hearing or reading something interesting and getting curious and then go and read loads of pages of facts and information on that subject. Which I suppose is not a bad thing to have as knowledge is power. I hope that I am able to progress down this path that I have chosen and see it all the way to the end of the line and make a career out of this passion and hopefully in years to come I will be able to teach others the skills and experience I have and will learn and inspire them to do the same and keep the graphic design industry thriving.

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